Silly Sunday (1) - George Washington

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silly Sunday is a new weekly feature where I talk about videos, pictures or books that make me laugh.

Little known fact about me: I have a slight George Washington obsession. I realize "slight obsession" is an oxymoron, but I don't know how better to describe it. I'm not obsessed full stop, with posters plastered across my room that I kiss every night before bed. I don't gaze lovingly at one dollar bills. I didn't immediately pee myself when I visited Mount Vernon.

However, I probably think about George Washington more than your average American. He's my go-to historical figure when I contemplate technological advances in that sort of "What would our forefathers have thought of this?" way. Haven't you ever gotten in a glass elevator and thought, "Man, if George Washington was in this elevator right now, he would FREAK. OUT."? I have. I imagine myself driving a time-traveling George Washington around town, showing him skyscrapers and cars and electricity and jeans and having a gay old time. He really enjoys my tours. We're old pals now.

I wrote a couple of stories around this concept in a fiction class a few years ago. In one, George was overwhelmed by the Mall of America. In another, he wakes up in a rural Southern town and the locals try to figure out if he's the real George Washington or not.

I don't know why George Washington. I guess he's sort of the epitome of America, being the first president and all. My knowledge of him is rather limited, however, and I keep telling myself that if I ever want to give my GW stories a chance, I should do some research. Maybe when I am done slogging through grad school, I'll be motivated to pick up one of his massive biographies.

The point of all of this Washington blathering is that a few years ago I came across a video about him that I find hysterically funny. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like weird and awkward humor as much as I do, you'll probably enjoy it. **NOTE** This video contains some foul language. Consider yourself warned.


Aylee said...

zomg, that video. I feel bad for all those British children, lol.
I have to say, George Washington is a lot more interesting than the first prime minister of Canada, John what's-his-name. John A. MacDonald, right.

Logan E. Turner said...

John what's-his-name. Hilarious! I wouldn't have gotten as far as "John." Nothing but blank stares when it comes to me and Canadian history.

Rachel Searles said...

Lol! Thanks for the laugh, that video was amazing :)

I play that same game where I imagine I'm driving a historical figure around my era and blowing their mind, but my passenger is always Laura Ingalls Wilder...

Debra Turner said...

Try The Two Georges by Richard Dreyfuss and Harry Turtledove. Encountered it when I was on a Turtledove kick but didn't read it. It's an alternate history of early America.

Small Review said...

OMG YES! Hehe, George is great, but my guy is Jefferson.

You also need to get yourself published ASAP so I can read whatever book you write. I don't care what it is. You make me laugh and I love your writing style. Go query or whatever it is you writer people do and then let me know so I can start pimping your book already. :P

Carrie said...

LOVE the Silly Sunday idea: I will be looking forward to it. The post and the video made me giggle so much that several people were frightened. For me it's Ben Franklin. I am pretty convinced that he had superpowers of some kind.

Logan E. Turner said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one here who thought this was funny. Sometimes I show it to people and they just look uncomfortable.

I also LOVE that everyone has a different historical figure that they take under their wing to help them through the difficult journey of time travel. I'm glad they have folks like us to help them grasp our way of life. :)

Logan E. Turner said...

@Debra - I will check that one out. Might make for easier reading than Washington: A Life.

@Small Review - THANKS! I hope someday I have a book for you to pimp.

@Rachel - Laura Ingalls Wilder is a good pick. Maybe we could get Willa Cather with her in the car. They would probably hit it off.

@Carrie - I hope the Silly Sunday thing works out. Right now my biggest fear is not having anything funny to say. I also need a button!

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