Friday Five (6) and Weekly Recap

Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Friday Five! This meme is run by the writers at Paper Hangover. Each week they give us a blogging prompt where we make a list about five things related to books and/or writing.

This week's topic is "FIVE excuses you're ready to give up to be a better writer."

1. "I don't have time." With school ending in just under a week, I no longer give myself this excuse.

2. "I have too much to read." Reading is good, but shouldn't be at the expense of getting in some quality writing time.

3. "I have to finish this blog post first." Blogging is fun and I love it, but I'm not willing to let it become an obstacle to offline writing. There's no reason I can't do both.

4. "I don't know what I'm doing." Okay, first? Yes I do. Second? There are tons of materials in my house and online that are there to help me, if I'd just sit down and start.

5. "My revisions are too overwhelming." Break it down, and take it piece-by-piece. Enough already. Just start hacking.

What are your bad habits that keep you from your dreams?

My weekly recap is inspired by the phenomenally talented, kind and generous Small Review. If you are not already following her, you are really missing out. Also, have I mentioned how much I love Cool Text? They're the folks that allow me to make these cool (and simple) text buttons - for FREE!

If you're a first time visitor, or just didn't get the chance to stop by this week, here's what you missed:

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Enjoy your weekend everybody!


Christine Murray said...

Blogging is addictive, and unfortunately I've just discovered twitter. I'm such a procrastinator!

Rubita said...

Oh, god, if only it were as easy to actually give up the excuses as it is to list them.

Erin L. Schneider said...

#5 for sure. It takes us so long just to complete a manuscript...but then to have to go back and edit / make revisions? It sometimes can be more daunting than writing the MS itself.

But...I've found I agree with many folks out there, to take a break and step away from your writing. Don't look at it for several weeks, maybe even a couple of months. Then come back to it with a fresh set of's amazing how much more bearable it makes this process!

Great list, Logan!

The Lovely Getaway said...

#1 alll the way! its always my excuse!... looks like you had a busy week, girly :) i love your little blog signature!

Racquel Henry said...

Okay, I'm SO guilty of #5. I'm in the revising stage of my novel and it is also my first novel. I've never had to edit something that long. I find myself putting it off, and putting it off...I really need to finish editing it since I won't graduate from my MFA program if I don't! Great list! :)

Small Review said...

Good, no more excuses! I want to read your masterpieces. Remember, I'm not afraid to lock you in a tower. Try writing a procrastinating blog post from there. Ha!

blueeyedadri said...

It seems like you can keep yourself in check Logan, Good luck!

Denise Z said...

It has been a great week to be a new follower! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing.

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